ERC: Ready to Create the Future

As we continue to see the intersection of people and technology, we are seeing a complete disruption in the contact center space. ERC is part of this revolution and leading the way in how technology positively impacts customer experience through innovation and efficiency. As a company that is always forward-thinking and looking to work smarter, Kirk Moquin, the Chairman and Co-Founder of ERC, and Marty Sarim, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, recently attended Singularity University’s Global Summit. The Summit focuses on how artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and other leading-edge technologies are shaping the future of work.

Marty Sarim, CEO (left) and Kirk Moquin, Chairman and Co-Founder of ERC (right)

Moquin and Sarim attended the conference to expand their education on exponential technology to continue driving innovation and change within our business at ERC. Constantly evolving to be at the cutting edge of technology, ERC understands how new developments can exponentially improve performance.

“As a huge believer, early adopter and significant investor in expo tech, our goal is to bring to life the products and services of the future for our clients today” Sarim stated. “Most people have no idea how rapidly things are changing, and it’s our strong belief to embrace the disruption head on if you want to be relevant in the future.”

ERC has deployed technology such as Automated Virtual Assistants, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, and Artificial Intelligence in multiple capacities and is not stopping there. ERC is continuously tracking the latest advances in technology to bring its clients better results while offering employees a great place to work. ERC’s senior leaders challenge everyone in the company to think about how business could help the company’s digital transformation and to never be satisfied with the status quo. “That’s the way we’ve always done it” is never an acceptable answer at ERC.

“We will continue pushing the boundaries to transform the contact center industry in ways that others are not even thinking about yet. With the knowledge we gain from participating in events like these and our leadership having a constant focus on the future… we are just getting started!” said Moquin, ERC’s Chairman.

Ideas are currency and have the power to completely revolutionize how the company operates in the contact center and business process outsourcing industry. ERC was proud to participate at the Global Summit and looks forward to other opportunities that will help chart its course as an industry leader. Stay tuned for some upcoming exciting news around this topic.