ERC Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle through BML Expo

ERC has long prioritized the overall health and wellness of its employees. ERC views itself as a partner to its employees, prepared to help them become the best versions of themselves, in and out of the office. To help accomplish that, the company regularly hosts what it calls BML Expos. BML stands for Body, Mind, Life, and is a program aimed at improving the health and overall well-being of ERC employees.

Our goal is to create an environment where employees recognize the importance of being healthy. We want to provide employees with the resources and tools that help and expose employees to opportunities they might not seek to try on their own.

 Providing these resources not only helps individuals, but it also helps everyone around them.

At the most recent BML Expo, ERC brought in eye doctors, chiropractors, mental health resources, nutritionists, and personal trainers. The idea is to empower employees to take charge of all aspects of their lives β€” mentally, physically, and emotionally.

 Some sites had masseuses on hand to provide all participants with neck, shoulder, and back massages. Greenpoint, which manages our cafeterias at our international sites, provided samples of its new healthy menu items, including sushi and fruit juices. Participants in the Dominican Republic were invited to take a free yoga or Zumba class, while employees domestically were able to talk to trainers about workout routines and weight management, and even learn about how to stop smoking.

Additionally, during the BML Expos, domestic employees were invited to participate in a new company challenge β€” Rethink Your Drink, to encourage avoiding sugary drinks β€” as well as participate in biometric screenings to help their wellness efforts.

We thank everyone who participated and can’t wait for our next BML Expo.