Employee Highlights

Taylor Ivie

We wanted to dedicate today's #EmployeeHighlight to Taylor Ivie! 🙌 She has been promoted from receptionist at #ERCJacksonville to Inventory Management Analyst in 2020! 😍 How great is that? 😊 We asked her what her favorite thing to do during the holidays with her co-workers was, 🤔 and she told us: "My favorite part of the holidays 🎊🎉 at ERC is being able to decorate our workspace! Normally our team gets together and decorates our shared office space, but this year we were all able to decorate our at-home offices." 🏡 We love Taylor's at-home office decoration idea! did you decorate your office or home office for the holidays?
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Christina Bee

This is Christina Bee, she is a Recovery Agent. 🙌 She set a personal goal for how much she wanted to collect this year and she met her goal! 😍 She told us she wants to be the best collector at ERC, and she is definitely on her way. 🙆‍♀️ Do you have any goals to accomplish before ending the year?🎄
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Sarah Hartland

Introducing Sarah Hartland 👏 One of our Operational Support Receptionist at #ERCJacksonville 😍 She has been with us for 5 years and we truly admire her interest and concern for each coworker, turning them into real family members! That's why we asked her what would she advice to a new member of the #ERCFamily 🤔 to what she said: "My advise for starting here at ERC would be get to know your team and leaders. Communication is key to any successful relationship. This includes work. Knowing how to give and receive constructive criticism is vital. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind but be sure to find the most fitting words. Do not be afraid of change. Change calls for growth and that is something everyone needs. Lastly, stay organized. No matter what comes your way, if you stay organized you can have the ability to see it clearly and address as needed." Incredible advice from a wise woman.
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Chris Blake

Everyone say "Hi Chris!" 👋 He has been with us for 6 years and he has never stopped innovating 😍 He says: "I want to do all that I can to provide innovation while maintaining efficiency and quality. One of my main goals is to take every business function or idea and see how we can revolutionize it by making it bigger and better." And not even a pandemic has stopped our Process Improvement Manager! When we asked him about this new challenge he responded: "I’m very fortunate and blessed to have had the opportunity, and like every challenge, I had to rise to the occasion. Obstacles and challenges are like muscles – the more you use them and understand them, the stronger you get. Never let a problem or roadblock stop you – instead, use that time to learn, get better, and attain a positive benefit from the negative event that was thrown your way." 💙
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Derrick Blue

WE'RE HERE 😎👆 Every #member of #ERCBPO comes knowing they'll achieve what they set their minds to because they know they can get the tools to do so within our company. This is the case of hundreds of #ERCFamily members, especially of Derrick Blue, who is currently a Collections agent at #ERCWaycross. He said that what he values the most about being part of our team is: ''I love the environment and the atmosphere is awesome here at ERC. We make sure that everyone feels a part of a family and is not just an employee.'' 💙
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Alexa Korkes

We're #MAD serious about F U N 😍 And Alexa Korkes can tell you ALL about it👆😛 She's an Operations Team Supervisor at #ERCJacksonville and enjoys to travel, going to the beach and walking nature trails in her free time! We have always loved the way she embraces life in a joyful way and makes the best out of every situation. We're #ERC! 😎
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David Malowitz

We just #LOVE the way that David Malowitz is always smiling and having the best attitude at work!😍 That's why we asked him to share the things that make him happy about being a part of the #ERCFamily, to what he responded: ERC truly wants you to succeed. They offer you the tools to succeed personally and professionally. Thank you for making us a GREAT TEAM! 😎
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Our #EmployeeHighlight for today goes to COURTNEY LITTLE💙 She's the Marketing Coordinator at #ERCBPO. And as her t-shirt says, she's STRAIGHT OUTTA #Jacksonville 😎 We're extremely proud to have her as part of our team because of her hard work and dedication to her tasks. She shared with us that her favorite thing about coming to work is that ''Every day is different. My team is always challenging me to work hard, push myself to learn something new, and achieve my goals.'' 😍 Who else is #TeamCourtney? 👇
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Jessica Threat

We want to give special recognition to Jessica Threat for always being an ABOVE and BEYOND #ERCFamily member. 💙 She has been with us for 6 years and has always raised the bar of excellence with her amazing skills and driven personality. She says that this year she plans to work hard to she can be listed on the High Collector Board, which she calls the Board of Fame✨ We're so grateful to have such hard-working and motivating people within
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Levi Sam Bereket

This is Levi Sam Bereket😎 He's currently a Customer Service Representative at #ERCOrangePark. 💙 He has a fierce personality and loves a good challenge. He says that what makes us great as a company is ''Definitely our work environment and support from our leaders here!'' 🙌
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Pamela Jenkins

Pamela Jenkins is our Senior Staff Accountant at our #ERCJacksonville site. 🙌 She says that there's no edge when you really want to succeed in what you DO! You just need to change your character, in order to change your destination and to change your character, you must change your habits. To change your habits, you must change your actions. To change your actions, you must change your decisions. 💙
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Johana Myers

This #Joyful and amazing girl is called 👉Johana Myers💙 And she's a #Client Service Liason at our #ERCJACKSONVILLE location. We just LOVE how she always manages to have a sympathetic personality and the way she handles her work, so we ask her to share her favorite thing about coming to work each day, to what she said: Work with driven and awesome people everyday!💥
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Victoria Meade

We're thrilled to present to you: Victoria Meade 💙 She belongs to the #ERCWaycross family and works as a Director of Operations. 😍 She has been with us for a while and we just love her journey throughout our company! That's why we asked her to share some of her resolutions for this new year, to what she said: ''To focus on my health and wellness as I move into the future with ERC.''✨
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Rosario Matos

We want to introduce you to one of our Operations Manager, Rosario Matos. 💪 Her New Year's resolutions at ERC are to become a better coworker and keep growing within the #ERCFamily 💙. Also, she would like to keep contributing and improving the outstanding working environment! 🙌 What are your New Year's resolutions for work?✨
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Lourdes Baez

Meet Lourdes Baez, she is a Director of Operations and she has a lot of hobbies like Karaoke🎤, Playing Piano 🎹, Dancing, Cooking, Art crafts, Decoration, and Home Ideas. In ERC she feels like a home away from home 🏠, stable and the people around, are always so sync for looking what’s best for the team making a regular day, a great day at work! Who else feels like Lourdes?!🙋‍♀️
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Paola Poline Paniagua

We're proud to present to you: Paola Poline Paniagua 💙 She's a Labor Relations Coordinator at #ERCNACO, and she's such an inspiration for many of our #ERCFamily members. We love the way she thinks, and the values she brings to the company. She said that what makes #ERCBPODR great is: "ERC has given the opportunity to develop their career to thousands of Dominicans by encouraging each member to improve day by day, to continue educating themselves and also by providing the means to do it. ERC also encourages us to get to our best stage of performance, all of this throughout motivation. What makes ERC truly great is the people that each morning welcome you with a smile in their face and with a positive and let' s-do-this attitude that is contagious!"
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Andris Mateo

Say HI 👋 to Andris Mateo. She's an HR Assistant at #ERCNACO! She has been with us for a while now, and we're proud of the extraordinary person she has become! We asked her to share the most challenging thing that happened to her at #ERCBPODR, to what she responded: ''When I started working at ERC, I was an agent in a Spanish project. Once I saw all the opportunities available, I decided to improve my English skills. I joined the Contact Us Workshop, and that helped me practice and improve my English. Now I am part of the HR team." She is a PERFECT example of #SUCCESS! 😍👏👏 #TheBestCallCenterinDR #WeAreERC
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Carlos Ml. Sierra

👆This is the #MOTTO😎 And in particular, Carlos Ml. Sierra's motto at #work. He's been an Agent at #ERCSanIsidro from the very beginning. 👊 He said that he strives for greatness at #ERCBPODR because ''It's a great company for you to grow. They allow you to do so and also invest in workshops to develop yourself to the fullest. '' 💙
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Marben Farah Gomez Dominguez

#LOVE season is the BEST ONE 😍❤ and our #ERCFamily knows it! 😊 So today we want to make an #EmployeeHighlight about Marben Farah Gomez Dominguez who is currently a Labor Relations Coordinator at #ERCNaco and she's the representation of kindness and love. We asked to share her favorite thing about Valentine's day at work, to what she responded: The caring environment and share mode. 👏
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Ernesto Castillo

Hi everyone, this is Ernesto Castillo. 💙 He's an agent from our #ERCSanIsidro location and has been with us for quite a while now. 😍 He has been driven by results from the very beginning and says that what he enjoys most about belonging to the #ERCFamily is ''The amazing and challenging working environment, the friendship with coworkers and leaders.''💥
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Yennelly Baez

Have you met our amazing Recruitment Member: Yennelly Baez? 💙 She shared her resolutions within our company for this brand new year: ''To continue contributing to the country’s labor force by using the opportunity #ERCBPO has given me throughout the past 8 years to put my recruitment knowledge and skills to the service and growth of the company and the citizens of this great nation. ERC has given me the opportunity to make a home and a second family of the same place, and has put me in the right path of constant professional growth, keeps me hungry for success, and constantly challenges me to continue achieving even more. My resolution is to provide more Dominicans of my generation and the upcoming ones, those same opportunities through #ERCBPODR.'' 💙 .
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