Digital transcription

We streamline digital transcription processes by combining swift-to-launch speech-to-text technology (MARS) and skilled agents to handle digital transcription. We optimize agent occupancy by multi-skilling agents to handle transcription work during low call volume times.

Enterprise Data & Data Entry

Speed and precision are essential to driving efficiency and cost savings for our clients. We deploy enterprise data entry and document conversion and processing for clients across our global footprint.

Application Verification

We offer end-to-end application verification — from initial applicant data review and verification, to applicant approval or denial letters across multiple interaction channels.

AI-Human Feedback Loop

We employ Intent and Business Analysts to enhance insights and deliver actionable data and strategies to improve the customer experience.

Content Moderation

We’ll work hand-in-hand with your sales and marketing teams to deliver precise text and visual content moderation services — ensuring alignment with your brand values, marketing strategy, and corporate social responsibility principles.