On Tuesday, September 18, ERC CEO and President Marty Sarim and VP of Analytics Steve Manz spoke on the Embracing Artificial Intelligence Panel at the TRMA Conference in Dallas. Bill Froehlich, Director of Credit and Collections at AT&T, was also on the panel, which was moderated by John Stevenson, Sr. Director of Real Estate & Financial Services of US Cellular. The panel explored two big buzzwords — Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) — and how creditors are utilizing these two technologies. Panelists spoke about the technologies’ impact and implications on the industry, as well as why it is vital to invest in them. “AI and machine learning are changing the world and redefining industries by providing greater personalization to users, automating processes, and disrupting how we work,” said Sarim. “As a business leader, it is imperative to adopt new technologies and innovate in order to remain relevant. At ERC, we are continuously making investments in new technologies, but none have been as transformative or have the greatest capability for change as AI and machine learning. I am looking forward to harnessing this technology, seeing what the future holds, and providing the best possible service to clients.” TRMA is an industry forum for risk management professionals from the Telecommunications, Pay TV, Utility, Waste Management, and other industries to collaborate, understand, and share best practices related to acquisition risk management, customer life cycle and uncollectible debt issues among its members.
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