ERC STOCKS UP ON SUPPLIES FOR HEROES BATTLING GEORGIA WILDFIRE! Since the early month of April, Georgia has been battling what has been called the “West Mims Fire.” The fire has scorched more than 235 square miles — nearly six times the size of Disney World — since it was started by a lightning strike April 6. While Firefighters and volunteers have continued to work hard to control this fire, we quickly realized we needed to step up and support the 833 heroes out there risking their lives. In three days, our employees donated over 600 items in supplies to the firefighters such as boot socks, water, towels, eye drops, snacks, gloves, etc. Our team then drove all the donations directly to the Adel Sherriff Station in Georgia as quickly as possible. Understanding how massive and dangerous this fire was getting, our team didn’t hesitate and immediately began to hustle to contribute whatever they could. We are honored to have such caring employees that are always willing to come together as a family and help the community in any way possible. “This literally happened down the road from me. I had friends evacuating and we were watching updates on a regular basis to see if we needed to pack up and leave. We had employees that were evacuated as well.  You are not just helping “Georgia”…you are helping some of our own. One of the many reasons why I love this company!  Thank you, ERC!” – Amy Overstreet, Corporate Recruiter We are now keeping a close ear to the most recent updates of this fire, which while controlled, continues to burn. We say thank you to all our Firefighters and Volunteers working around the clock in efforts to this natural disaster! We, the ERC family, appreciate your services and sacrifices made during this wildfire.