ERC is pleased to announce that renovations to its Santo Domingo office in the Dominican Republic have begun. Exterior renovations will update and modernize the building’s façade, while interior renovations will focus on the employee cafeteria, adding more space and creating a bright, new look. These renovations come on the heels of expanding ERC’s operations to the 4th floor in 2017. Home to over 1,300 employees, ERC’s Santo Domingo location was recognized on Mercado Magazine’s annual list of the best places to work in the Dominican Republic in 2017 and 2018. The building renovations mean employees will soon have even more opportunities to develop and grow their careers. The renovations also demonstrate the company’s continued commitment to investing long-term in the area. Currently, Santo Domingo ERC employees benefit from a broad training program, coaching sessions, access to ERC’s online University, educational financing, and recognition-based awards. ERC also encourages employees to stay physically and emotionally healthy, supporting them with sports exchanges and health and wellness programs. Its ERC Cares program, which promotes a family-work balance, offers support packages for births, marriages, and familial loss. Jose Nelton Gonzalez, Executive Vice President of ERC’s Dominican Republic office stated, “With a focus on exceptional results for our clients and continued growth, ERC is also committed to providing state of the art amenities for its employees, supporting their work-life balance, and caring for their families like no other. ERC will continue to lead the social transformation of our community through its employee-centered initiatives and career development programs.” Santo Domingo has the fastest growing economy in the Caribbean and is a key strategic geographical location in ERC’s global operations. Its stable social and political landscape, cultural affinity with the United States, and a large pool of young, bilingual professionals all contribute to making ERC’s consummate client services and competitive pricing possible. You can find a list of all career opportunities currently available in the Dominican Republic here.
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