ERC LIGHTS IT UP BLUE FOR AUTISM Sometimes, you never realize what someone may be going through until you provide them with the medium to express themselves. ERC Cares practices being involved in the lives of our employees and those of the community, and recently, we really rocked it! We drove donations through a game we like to call “ERC Bingo”. It is your typical game of Bingo just with a bigger purpose behind it….GIVING BACK. Knowing all proceeds were going to the Autism Awareness Foundation known as AutismSpeaks, our employees were ready to purchase Bingo cards and participate. As a team, we raised a total of $1635.76 in 1 game. “I have been an advocate for Autism for over 10 years, and it makes me feel proud to see an organization and fellow coworkers becoming so involved and enthusiastic about spreading awareness. These kinds of deeds provide an environment where people can come together, share ideas, and spread more understanding and support. Thanks ERC for ‘Lighting it Up Blue’! #TeamAllan” – Christopher Blake, Intranet Applications Specialist The prevalence of Autism is 1 out of every 68 births, but you never know just how many of those 68 are at your job or in your communities. By continuing to raise awareness and stress the importance of volunteerism, we are confident that we will make a positive impact on not only our employees but also the communities around us. ERC Cares is not just a slogan – it’s our way of life.