ERC launches “ERC University”


ERC is thrilled to announce its new Learning Management System, ERC University. ERC University is an E-learning, or educational technology platform custom designed by ERC in order to take the learning experience for all employees to a new level. ERC University will allow us to modernize training programs, reach remote audiences, create efficiencies in testing and provide a better learning experience for all ERC employees. Additionally, the “campus” will promote a culture of self-development and sharing of training aides, articles and tutorials globally throughout both our domestic and international ERC facilities.

The self-development experience will be efficient and fast, providing content owners the ability to quickly create and communicate new policies, procedures and training materials, while greatly improving the quality of the learner’s experience. The annual testing and training certifications, or re-certifications, required by our clients or their regulatory bodies will no longer require the orchestration of multiple departments and resources. The new process will be systemic, with alerts and access control to restrict users whose current certification has expired.

Kim Howell, Vice President of Employee Services at ERC, stated the following regarding ERC University:

“It has always been our vision to provide world class education to our employees.  The launch of the ERC University allows us to bring our vision into focus for all employees in all stages of their careers, making the educational process continual.  The ”campus” provides e-learning modules in various formats which relates to all learning styles and speeds.”

 Howell also commented:

 “Today’s employees at ERC now have the unique opportunity to self-develop in lieu of, or in addition to, the traditional classroom setting. Our ERC students will be able to browse the library, research career pathing programs and receive credit and certification for the coursework they complete.  This is just another step forward in ERC’s commitment to investing in our staff. The goal is to better the individual, not just the employee.”

The E-learning platform is capable of reaching large audiences simultaneously to ensure messaging, materials and learnings are consistently and timely communicated throughout the organization. By utilizing the individual E-learning training modules, employees will learn at their own pace to ensure a higher rate of material retention, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for continuous training, re-training or corrective training.  This creates greater efficiencies for both our staff and our productive time for our clients. The E-learning program also allows for extensive reporting and learner progress tracking to ensure full compliance and completion rates by hierarchy. Finally, with the move to E-learning, we reduce or eliminate the need for paper materials further emphasizing ERC’s “Go Green” policy.

Once an employee has successfully passed the test or checked for understanding, the employee will receive a Certificate of Completion, providing both recognition for the employees achievement and evidence of potential career path progression, each of which are critical to ERC’s Employee Engagement initiatives.