ERC Invests in Global Leadership

Jacksonville Florida – Some companies have it and some companies don’t.  What is “it” you might ask?  Leadership…  Enhanced Resource Centers, a rapidly growing contact center headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, recently held its’ semi-annual Leadership conferences.  The “SLT” or Senior Leadership Team Conference was designed to bring together the companies leadership to discuss challenges, opportunities and celebrate the many wins the company claimed over the past year. 

Marty Sarim, ERC’s President and Global Chief Operating Officer first gathered his team in Jacksonville, Florida followed by a second SLT session held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  The executive team believes the geographic recognition of these events are necessary for a myriad of reasons.

“The SLT conference is a rare opportunity to bring together the companies most influential employees, the leaders that we count on day over day to ensure consistent messaging and direction throughout the broader ERC organization.  We calibrate, we share learnings and strategies, we innovate and we celebrate, and we game plan for next year to ensure we continue to win.  The fact we hold the SLT meetings in both U.S. and International locations is a testament to ERC’s recognition that cultural diversity is paramount in order to ensure the continued success of our multi-national business.  The coming together of our teams in separate countries only a week in between our sessions keeps the ideas, learnings and open minded discussions fresh and productive.  I look forward to celebrating many more accomplishments when we reconvene in 2017,” said Matt Charles, ERC International Chief Operating Officer.

Over this past year ERC has invested heavily in its leadership development programs, launching advanced career pathing and certification programs.  Further, using targeted data analytics ERC was able to identify areas of opportunity as it relates to ongoing and continuing education, investing in advanced problem identification and resolution training for its front line leaders. 

“We are only scratching the surface with what we can do now.  The intelligent and actionable information we gathered over this past year will allow ERC to continually identify, train, promote and further develop our high performance staff,” said James Cecil, ERC’s Senior Vice President of Operations.