ERC celebrates its nineteenth anniversary this year – and in honor of that milestone, we welcome you to our new blog series that focuses on what makes the company so special: our employees. Each month, we’ll shine a spotlight on three employees, and share their stories here. Over the years, there have been many changes at ERC but one thing has always remained constant: our dedication to creating a culture where employees feel encouraged and inspired to do great things. We are committed to supporting our employees, providing a path for advancement as well as a robust system of perks and benefits alongside mentorship and guidance from senior management. In this blog series, we’re featuring three employees, each of whom started at ERC thinking it would be just a job but quickly took advantage of the tremendous growth potential to advance their careers.

Oscar Rivera, Talent Management Manager Melbourne, Florida Began his ERC journey as a Talent Acquisition Specialist in 2015 At what point did you realize there was real potential to grow professionally at ERC? I realized there was real potential to grow when Kim Howell (ERC’s Chief People Officer) and Jessica Andriola (VP of Talent Management) took charge of ERC’s Talent Management department. They took the time to ask me what I wanted from the company, and helped me develop into the leader I am today. What is the best lesson you’ve learned along the way? I’ve learned that it’s important to listen to understand, not to respond. What’s one challenge you’ve had to overcome? The challenge I overcame was being afraid to go for what I wanted in my career at ERC. I was able to overcome this by seeking mentorship from the leadership team.  

Clarisa W. Guerrero, Operations Manager Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Began her ERC journey as a Customer Service Representative in 2016 Did you start at ERC thinking you would grow professionally with the company, or did you think it was just a job? I came to ERC with a lot of hope. I was starting a new chapter in my life, and we discussed growth opportunities on the very first day I stepped into this building. ERC’s culture is not about just doing a job, it’s about delivering the best results possible. I fell in love almost instantly. What is the best lesson you’ve learned along the way? The best lesson I’ve learned is that anything is possible. Just choose to be that person, to win that challenge, to finish first. Choose not to give up. Advice to people just starting at ERC? You deserve this new beginning. Own your story!  

Aurel Shllaku, Director of Operations Jacksonville, Florida Began his ERC journey as a Recovery Agent (Collector) in 2011 At what point did you realize there was real potential to grow professionally at ERC? Within my first 30 days, I realized the growth potential was unlimited for anyone who was interested and willing to put the work in. From your perspective, what makes ERC a great company to work for? ERC is a very family-oriented company, with a lot of growth opportunities and a great atmosphere. The company is always striving to be better and raise the bar for its employees, while also standing out amongst our competitors in the industry. Advice to people just starting at ERC? You can achieve anything if you give it your all and set a high bar for yourself. There is no substitute for hard work.

About ERC ERC is an agile, results-driven contact center that specializes in managing every part of the customer journey, from acquisition to customer care to tech support to recovery and collections. With offices on four continents and a wealth of talent, ERC consistently delivers quality service and value to its impressive roster of clients, which includes more than two dozen Fortune 500 companies. ERC is dedicated to changing the BPO landscape through its continued investment the technology and its commitment to creating a highly trained, empowered workforce.