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We’re headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, but have expanded both domestically and internationally to best serve our clients. We have nearly 2,000 employees across seven locations, and we’re committed to deliver our best, where and whenever you need us.

Corporate Headquarters

Jacksonville, Florida
8014 Bayberry Road
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Toll Free: (800) 942-0015
(904) 680-2591

Careers: (844) 623-7981


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If you received a call from us or have an account which we are servicing, please visit our help page HERE for more information. ERC’s help page will provide answers to frequently asked questions as well as allow you to contact a customer care specialist. Keep in mind that ERC makes calls on behalf of a multitude of clients and for more than just debt collections, such as Market Research and Customer Care/Customer Service.

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